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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Tick those lifetime adventures off your bucket list!

Taking you on epic motorcycle tours across Asia is the greatest pleasure of team Motorcycle Expeditions. Journeys with us will leave your mind stretched and full of wonderful memories. Seize the moment and contact our experts to dent that bucket list.


A pure Adventure & Cultural Motorcycle Experience in Asia

Our Asian motorcycle trips will take you on extraordinary adventures on the highest motorable roads and Into the Thin Air of the Indian Himalayas, or high up with your Head Above the Clouds in Nepal. We’ll rev up the excitement by riding on the swords’ edge of Himalayan cliffs on our Death Valley ride in India or if you prefer to open the throttle into the wide open spaces of Mongolia, we can take you the long way round to the Eagle Hunters.
At a slightly more leisurely pace with some extra culture thrown in and every bit as exhilirating, you could ride The Last ShangriLa in the Bhutan Himalayas or live it up with Rajasthan Royalty on the OMG, This is India! motorcycle tour. Further south, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean beckons you to Sri Lanka or just soak up the luxury of Laos and Thailand.


Ride beyond your dreams

At Motorcycle Expeditions, we run hassle free guided motorcycle adventures designed to give you the space to enjoy the ride of your dreams and then some. Our ground crew will cater for your every need on tour, while our office crew do all the footwork to ensure that you can focus fully on the ride. We commit to looking after you to the best of our abilities, since your dream ride fulfilment and security while traveling with us, is our primary concern and we take that very seriously.


Tailored to your wishes

Motorycle Expeditions are flexible and cater for all preferences, fitness levels, ages and social groups. Motorbike tours for families, groups of friends, themed trips for charitable causes or simply just for fun can be provided on request. Enjoy pure, tailored adventure tours.


A legendary motorcycle that has a history to tell

As the ‘oldest continuously manufactured brand of motorcycles’ and one of the biggest players in the motorcycle industry, Royal Enfield Motorcycles are simply the best option and ideally suited bikes for a motorcycle adventure across the terrain in Asia.
In keeping with legends, we also run KTM tours in Mongolia for Enduro enthusiasts.


Our presence in the world

With three international marketing offices in Europe, Australia and USA and two operational offices in India and Mongolia, we have our compass set on running incredible guided motorcycle tours across Asia.


Charity challenge

Giving back to the community has always been a part of Motorcycle Expeditions, hence we decided to run a charity ride to raise funds to support the local community. More details coming soon …